Your Brain On Climate

Connection, with Alison Crowther

October 05, 2021 Dave Powell Episode 6
Your Brain On Climate
Connection, with Alison Crowther
Show Notes

Being alive can be a lonely business, as can trying to do something about climate change. But how important to our brains is connecting with others?  And in our individualised world, might we be hugely undervaluing the importance of interpersonal connection in helping society take meaningful and effective action on climate change?

Joining Dave this week is coach, facilitator, and expert in the growing field of positive psychology, Alison Crowther.  Alison works to encourage deeper connection and collaboration with others, learning from science and nature to form more resilient systems – be they at work or in the community.

Extra reading as highlighted by the owl noises:
-- 04:16: TED talk with Martin Selignan on positive psychology
-- 12:17:  CLANG of wellbeing (connect, learn, be active, notice and give), courtesy of MIND
-- 18:16:  The story of Rachel Carson and Silent Spring, from NRDC
-- 31:51:  What is Eudaimonia?

Your Brain on Climate is a podcast about human psychology vs the climate crisis: what we think, why we think it, and how it all adds up to a planet-sized emergency.  Contact the show:  @brainclimate on Twitter, or

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