Your Brain On Climate

Change, with Andrew Simms

September 21, 2021 Dave Powell Episode 4
Your Brain On Climate
Change, with Andrew Simms
Show Notes

Everything changes and everything stays the same. Imagine being a squishy human brain trying to navigate that. Add on a barrage of advertising and social norms about what 'novelty' looks like, and no wonder it's so hard to make sense of what we might really want to change in our lives.

And then there's climate change. There's a clue in the name: it means Different. Are we kitted out for that kind of change? Has our thirst for newness got us into this mess in the first place?  And what hope is there of changing how we live in time to do something about it?

Discussing all this and more with Dave is megabrain author, analyst and campaigner Andrew Simms. He's the director of the Rapid Transition Alliance, founder of the New Weather Institute, and formerly Policy Director at the New Economics Foundation. He's also written a bucket-load of books about the climate crisis and what needs to change - and how to change it. Follow him on Twitter @andrewsimms_uk.

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- 06:30 - The hedonic treadmill, a faintly depressing thing to read about.

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