Your Brain On Climate

Grief, with Ro Randall

September 14, 2021 Dave Powell Episode 3
Your Brain On Climate
Grief, with Ro Randall
Show Notes

When we lose someone or something we love, our brains want to grieve. Why?  What's going on when grieve - when we do it well, or don't do it properly? 

Is it grief we feel when we see huge forest fires or melting ice caps caused by climate change? And if it is - where do we put that grief, in a society that doesn't recognise it?

This week Dave speaks to the wonderfully kind and clever Ro Randall about the psychology of grief and loss - and what it tells us about living through the climate crisis. Ro is a psychoanalytically trained psychotherapist who has written and worked extensively about how to help people process the emotional impact of climate change. You can find out all about Ro's work at 

A link, as highlighted by the owl noise:
- 18:13 - Greek island on fire video

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