Your Brain On Climate

Risk, with Adam Corner

July 18, 2021 Dave Powell Season 1
Your Brain On Climate
Risk, with Adam Corner
Show Notes

In this debut episode of Your Brain On Climate, Dave talks all things RISK with Dr Adam Corner (@ajcorner).

How do our brains understand risk? Are we still part jittery lizard, and if so which part? How do we - individually and as a society - decide what's risky enough to do something about? What can we learn from the wretched pandemic?  And what can all of that teach us about the fact that while there's a climate emergency going on, it's not being treated like one?

Dr Adam Corner is an independent writer and researcher, formerly Director of Policy and Research at Climate Outreach. His website is

Extra reading as highlighted by the twinkly noises:
- 06:43 - Social Amplification of Risk.
- 10.33 - System One and Two thinking ('thinking fast and slow').
- 20:32 - Lorraine Whitmarsh and colleagues work into how lockdowns increase perceptions of risk: 
- 31:02 -  Daniel Gilbert & PAIN:

A full series of Your Brain On Climate will follow later in 2021.

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